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Every Wednesday and Friday at 08:00, a discipline without danger of contagion.

The Spartan System is a discipline that is part of the generic physical preparation, to be carried out completely free-body and therefore without the danger of contagion through equipment. High intensity method that works on all abilities: strength, speed, endurance and flexibility with the intention of increasing the general athleticism of the practitioner. Practiced mainly by subjects of low to medium age. All Spartan activities will be carried out in the setting of the Costa Azzurra Beach, at the Key West Beach.

Program: Every Wednesday and Friday at 08:00 a.m., expected duration about 60 min.




Address spiaggia Costa Azzurra presso lo stabilimento Key West
Telephone +39 324 0927341
Email gradoattivo@gmail.com

Useful informations

Timetables Every Wednesday and Friday at 08:00 a.m.
Price Gratuito

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