Baldo e i Giovani

Baldo e i Giovani


Thursday 15 September at 9:00 pm 

Due to precarious weather conditions and a poor weather forecast, the concert will be held at the Biagio Marin Auditorium in via Marchesini 31 instead of the Giardini Marchesan

Baldo e I Giovani are a group of bizarre musicians who present cheerful swing tunes from the years gone by in a light and rhythmic guise.

They play, have fun and celebrate their good fortune among barrooms and taverns where they would always like to be.

The music is to be listened to but also hummed along with them without stress or shame... our heroes are waiting for us to accompany a glass of wine and our most impudent fantasies. From Cab Calloway to "Fats" Waller, the delicate transition between early jazz music and danceable swing, music of popular extraction and contemporary jazz, all played with intelligent irony and extreme balance.

The subjects in question are:

Gabriele "Gates" Cancelli: trumpet and mutes

Alan Malusà Magno: guitar

Marzio Tomada: double bass

David Cej: accordion


Address Auditorium Biagio Marin - via Marchesini 31
Telephone +39 0431 80383

Useful informations

Timetables 21.00
Price free of charge