Show cooking: BORETO

Show cooking: BORETO

Thursday 19 May at 5.30 p.m. at the Hotel Restaurant Marea 

Grado has another treasure: its special gastronomic tradition, a synthesis of the best that can be extracted from the "best fish in the world", that is, what thrives in that arc of delights that goes from Dalmatia to Chioggia and of which the Golden Island is the centre of gravity. This is why a dish as simple and "humble" as "boreto a la graisana" will become a must-have in summer 2022, celebrated in the island's restaurants and with a special show cooking in the splendid setting of the Restaurant Hotel Marea.

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Address Ristorante hotel Marea
Telephone +39 0431 80383

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Timetables 17.30
Price Gratuito