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Sardines and anchovies

Sardines and anchovies

Oily fish is very good for your health.

Sardines (called “sardele” in Grado), are popular throughout the Mediterranean and are the fundamental ingredients in the cuisine of the Island of Sun. They are prepared in various ways: preserved in salt and then oil (“Isolane”), or coated with breadcrumbs and fried, or “in savor”, or yet again “scotadeo” (cooked in a pan after being washed only in sea water).

Anchovies (known in Grado as “sardoni”) are also a traditional island dish. Since 2004, salted “sardoni” have been recognised as a “traditional agro-food product from Friuli Venezia Giulia”.


A much-loved event not only by the citizens, but also by tourists is the typical “Sardelada”, a fish tasting organised at weekends in July and August by the Coop Pescatori in Grado.

From a nutritional point of view, “sardele” and “sardoni” are considered oily fish and an excellent food: they are very rich in the famous Omega-3, which give numerous health benefits, especially for the cardiovascular system.

Taste the delicious oily fish in the heart of Grado!

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