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FVG Seafront Bike Route

FVG Seafront Bike Route

Venture into the Valle Cavanata Bird Sanctuary, riding alongside canals and embankments.

The route is entirely flat and level and is about 7 kilometres long (one way), with a total duratio of just over an hour (round trip). It allows you to admire some of the most charming settings in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The starting point is the Valle Cavanata Bird Sanctuary. Once you reach the sanctuary from the Monfalcone-Grado provincial road, you can park your car and rent a bike for free at the Visitor Centre, and then take a ride on the paved road that runs along the Averto Canal (Via Averto) and leads to the embankment, beyond which is the sea.

From this point turn left and follow the dirt road that runs along the embankment (Via Canéo); it is recommended, however, that you take advantage of the concrete stairways (there are seven in all) to the top of the embankment and take a look at the view of the Gulf of Trieste: on clear days you can easily see the coast of Istria.

At a certain point on the route there is the Lido delle Conchiglie, a sandy area with tall poplars where you can stop for a pleasant break if you wish. Continuing down the road along the bank you come to a place called Canéo (named for its canneto, or cane thicket), and then to Punta Sdobba,
a fishing village at the mouth of the river Isonzo.

From here we return on the same bike path, which continues all the way to Grado.



Address Val Cavanata, Grado

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