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Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie

Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie

Discover its Palaeo-Christian architecture and mosaics depicting fish.

Art and history in the centre of Grado


A mong the Palaeo-Christian architecture of the basilicas built in Grado, next to the well-known Basilica di Sant’Eufemia with its Baptistry, we mustn’t forget the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie.  Both stand in the historic town centre a few steps away from each other.


Built on the site of a preceding Palaeo-Christian basilica dating back to the first half of the 5th century AD, the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie was rebuilt at the end of the 6th century AD by the Patriarch Elia who, in the same period, completed the construction of the Basilica di Sant’Eufemia and began work for the first church in Barbana.


Two phases of construction are visible inside the Basilica. We can also admire the altar, the stoup and the wooden statue of the Madonna delle Grazie, a religious pilgrimage for the people of Grado. The floor mosaics are clearly visible and contain the distinctive mark of the Basilica with unusual depictions of fish, as they are the only mosaics in Grado to portray these animals.

The Basilica has a square layout and inside it is divided into three naves, separated by two rows of five marble columns with a slender, vertical, central nave.

The Basilica overlooks Campo dei Patriarchi.




Address Campo Patriarca Elia, 34073 Grado GO
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