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Boreto a la graisana

Boreto a la graisana

This Grado dish par excellence has ancient origins: it was born in the casoni, ancient fishermen’s dwellings on the lagoon.

Be sure you taste “Boreto a la graisana”, the Grado dish par excellance (also praised by Biagio Marin), presented in a dozen versions – one tastier than the other.

It is an ancient and unique dish, eaten with polenta made with white maize, characterised by the simplicity of its ingredients (fresh fish, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, black pepper and vinegar). Its secret is a very simple preparation, and “Boreto” is the term used to define this type of cooking fish.

Designed by fishermen living on the lagoon (casoneri) and passed on for generations, this recipe was traditionally prepared using fresh fish unfit for selling on the market.

In October and November, a special event is dedicated to this tasty dish featuring restaurants in the castrum which interpret it in various way.



This recipe never includes any tomatoes; this leads us to conclude that it was part of the tradition of Grado fishermen even before Christopher Columbus landed in America.


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