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Tursub. Diving project.

Tursub. Diving project.

A journey in discovery of underwater Grado along the coast; a submerged path among Roman ruins and marine animals.

The underwater world has always held a certain fascination. But there is something special about the world that winds below the surface along the coast of Grado, because in addition to being populated by marine animals it also holds Roman ruins and wrecks dating back to World War I.


A perfect mix of nature and history.

You can discover this underwater world and visit several diving sites with the TURSUB project, which offers a series of underwater itineraries to promote the marine environment. You will learn about the vegetation on the seabed and the various species of marine animals that are typical of this part of the Adriatic Sea. And you can let yourself be guided by the recommended routes, suitable for both experienced and novice divers.


A journey not to be missed, combining adventure and an educational-nature tour.



Address Riva Grandi Navigatori n 1, Grado
Telephone 800855255

Useful informations

Timetables Ask for Giuliano by Wednesday for outings on Saturday and Sunday
Price rimborso spese: 30 € per tour mattina e pomeriggio, 12 € solo mattina

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