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Costa Azzurra Beach

Costa Azzurra Beach

Ideal for families with children, who will find playgrounds, beach volleyball courts and soccer fields here.

K nown as “Costa Azzurra” because of its exceptional beauty, it is the westernmost beach on Isola, known by locals as "old beach".

Access to this beach is free of charge, however there are concession areas where you can rent deck chairs, sun beds and beach umbrellas (see the list of bathing establishments below).Also “Costa Azzurra” is ideal for families with children, because there are playgrounds not only on the beach but also under the trees in the green areas, as well as courtsfor beach volley or five-a-side.

There are several seaside reseorts along the beach and, behind it, small restaurants overlooking the beautiful promenade and open also in the evening.The kiosks on the beach organise entertainment programmes and performancesfor their young customers.

All the seaside resorts rent paddle boats, so you can go out and enjoy a swim more in private. Along this stretch of beach you need to go less further than elsewhere to reach deeper water, which means that you can swim even fairly close to the shore.


Bathing establishments:


Costa Azzurra
Phone and fax. +39 0431 81950
Mob. + 39 349 5780649


Mob: 333 9107628
mail: info@piperbeach.it

Website: www.piperbeach.it

Key West 
Mob. + 39 339 5332331 (Claudio)
Mob. + 39 349 8763954 (Massimo)

mail: keywestgrado@yahoo.it

Phone + 39 0431 80353

Mob: 338 5429875
email: stabilimentotivoli@gmail.com


Located behind the old town, Costa Azzurra makes the most of the wide expanse of sand for shows, fairy tale performances, games, entertainment programmes and other events.

Access to the beach is free of charge.

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