Grado Pineta Beach

Grado Pineta Beach

A place loved by kite surfers from all over Europe, who gather here to launch themselves in spectacular and colourful vaults.

Not far from the centre of Grado, also connected by a panoramic bicycle path, lies the beach of Grado Pineta, full of services and areas dedicated to sport and entertainment. Ideal for a quiet family holiday, a short walk from the greenery, but not only. The services and the entertainment organized by the kiosks that manage some areas of the beach in the make a popular place for an aperitif or an evening on the beach.

In addition, a large area of the beach is reserved for the welcome and hospitality of 4-legged friends who, in the Snoopy Beach section, find what they need to enjoy a pleasant day at the beach. Thanks to its privileged position in the middle of the sea - a peculiarity that makes it special for Kitesurfing - Grado Pineta beach is also appreciated by kiters coming from
Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Germany. Thanks to the winds that cross the island and thanks to a very long sandbank that protects a large area from the waves, this area is an ideal spot for teaching kitesurfing, freeriding and jumping.


Airone Beach, Viale dell'Orione 10/A 34073 GRADO (GO)
Tel. + 39 0431 83630 cell. + 39 329 0628718;;

 --> Services available

  • bathing establishment, restaurant and pizzeria
  • swimming pool, free WiFi reserved for customers
  • SKY Bar sporting events, bike hire

Snoopy Beach, Viale dell'Orione 10/A 34073 GRADO (GO)
Tel. + 39 0431 83630 cell. + 39 329 0628718;

--> Services available

  • Agreements with hotels and accommodation facilities for periods longer than a week
  • Space of about 50 sqm for each pitch
  • Highly qualified staff

Costa del Sol, viale Dell'Orione, 34073 GRADO (GO);

Cell. + 39 347 65 51 674; ; 

 --> Services available

  • hot and cold showers, children's playground, sports area with beach volleyball, bowls, table tennis.
  • Bathing establishment, bar, restaurant on the beach.
  • Sunday afternoon Happy Hour with live music 

Laguna Gradese "da Cinzia", Viale dell'Orione, 48, 34073 GRADO (GO) 

cell. + 39 345 6007019;

--> Services available 

  • bathing establishment with kiosk on the beach
  • games for children
  • birthday parties 

Pineta Beach, Viale dell'Orione, 47, 34073 Grado (GO)

cell +39 331 347 2620; ;

--> Services available: 

  • bathing establishment, bar, restaurant on the beach (home cooking, fish specialities)
  • 2 volleyball courts, 1 tennis court, 1 table tennis table
  • children's playground and pedalo rental