A.S.D Kite Life FVG

A.S.D Kite Life FVG

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The Amateur Sports Association Kite Life FVG was founded on March 27, 2014 following the need to improve the usability of the spot on the coast of Grado and that of Marina Julia through the creation of some services (refreshment, locker room, bathrooms and showers) essential to the establishment of the "Tourism System Kiteboardig". An A.S.A. born from the passion for Kitesurfing, to learn, to practice it safely, to be together and to live the culture of this fantastic world, made of sea, sport, going out in company and waiting for the wind to listen to stories of sea and epic feats.

  • Kitesurfing courses take place in Grado, with meeting at Piazzale Azzurri D'Italia, from 13:00 to 17:00. On some particularly windy days the courses can be held in Grado or at the beach of Marina Julia from 09:00 to 20:00.

AGE: courses take place from 10 years old and up, we have some facilitated packages up to 18 years old.

USEFUL DOCUMENTS: By joining our Association you will be entitled to attend the courses at a reduced price (-20% on the public price), compulsory for the membership is the possession of the certificate for non-competitive sports activity. 

How to book your fun?

Following confirmation by email you will be included in a What's Up group, whose rules are simple, the only messages allowed will be those from the instructors to the students, each of your answers will be in private. about 1 or 2 times a week Baldax (our instructor and meteoman) will indicate the days and times of activity. Through a doodle link you will autonomously book your lesson by entering your name, surname, and an identification number of your level (1 beginner, 2 first flight, 3 window flight, 4 bowline arm, 5 bowline board, 6 water start, 7 pro rider).

Course structure and progression

Our courses are divided into 3 steps:

  • BASIC COURSE of 2h (collective course)

TREATED THEMES: spot risk assessment; wind direction; risk prevention on land and at sea; equipment set-up; kite safety systems; wind window and first flight with simulator (about 45 min).

  • ADVANCED of 5h (collective course max 2 people or individual)


1st hour take-off as assistant, first flight and safety, in and out of the water;

2nd hour body drag, water relaunch, use of quick release;

3rd hour body drag upwind, board and kite management, upwind with the board, self rescue in the water;

4th hour board to feet and steady pull, movement out of the water, start and stop;

5th hour self rescue

N.B.: Approaching the needs of the student and the characteristics of the place where the activity takes place, we will evaluate together the path to follow.

The team recommends to divide the whole course into 3 days. Group courses for 2 people represent the best cost-benefit compromise. Being able to observe from the outside the right or wrong behaviour of your course partner is decisive for a quick learning of the various motor gestures.

  • PRO RIDER COURSE: you will be followed in the water with the help of bluetooth headphones and on request we offer video footage for subsequent video analysis.

TREATED THEMES: upwind, sideways, upwind; changes of direction, transitions; basic jump; back roll and front roll hoocked; toe side gait; theory and basics unhoocked progression.

  • Kite Life Grado ASD organises Kite Camp Full Immersion from 15 April 2024

Discover the programme HERE.

  • Stand Up Paddle courses are held from 5 years of age and up with special offers under 18 years of age.

We offer our guests a 55-minute SUP EXPERIENCE in which they learn the basics of safety and the technical basics of moving around safely. The cost of the SUP EXPERIENCE is only 15 €/p.

For those who want to improve and explore new marine environments we offer a COLLECTIVE COURSE lasting 4 hours in which the following topics will be addressed: safety on land and at sea; atmospheric phenomena and tides; equipment set-up; paddling theory and technique; gaits; turns; recreational / naturalistic excursion.

If you are a medium-high level paddler our instructors can accompany you to the discovery of the Lagoon of Grado or along routes that can be reached directly from the GIT beach.

For info on itineraries and prices send an email to kitelifegrado@gmail.com or call Giovanni on +39 349 3631520.


Address Piazzale Azzurri d’Italia, Grado
Telephone +39 347 4896077
Email kitelifegrado@gmail.com
Website https://www.kitelifefvg.it/