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MuCa - Museo Cantieristico Monfalcone

MuCa - Museo Cantieristico Monfalcone

The Museum of Shipbuilding through testimonies and documents, tells over a century of history and impact on the territory.

Discovering an all-Italian story because the Museum of Shipbuilding in Monfalcone does not just show some of the finest naval and shipbuilding models built in the region, but also retraces the fundamental stages of work and local life from 1907 to the present day. The purpose of the exhibition is to make the visitor take a journey back in time, to listen to the history of the place, of Italy. While observing the models and the reconstructions, the timeline made of numbers and writings brings to mind some fundamental stages of our country, like the painful defeat of Caporetto, of 1917. Monfalcone was then re-occupied by the Austro-Hungarian troops, the building site destroyed by bombing and production, in part, moved to Budapest. The dates and episodes intertwine until the events of the company that gave birth to some of the most beautiful ships, perhaps the best of those times. Now only a memory, unknown to most but rich in history, ready to rise again in the rooms of the museum.

A meticulous collection that opens with the scale model of the "Giulio Cesare", the first Italian ocean liner built in the post-war period and launched in 1951.




Address Via del Mercato, 3 Panzano 34074 Monfalcone
Telephone 0481 494901
Email info@mucamonfalcone.it
Website http://www.mucamonfalcone.it/

Useful informations

Timetables Orario estivo - da giugno a settembre – martedì 9.00-13.00, venerdì 9.00 - 13.00 e 16.00 -19.00 e sabato 16.00-19.00;
Price Intero € 7,00 Ridotto € 5,00 (over 65, under 25, studenti universitari, scolaresche, gruppi, nati o residenti a Monfalcone, volontari Servizio Civile,

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