Tiepolo city.

Udine, city with squares of Venetian charm and ancient palaces: from Piazza Libertà, defined as "the most beautiful Venetian square on the mainland", in Piazza Matteotti, which, surrounded by arcades, looks like an open-air living room, you can see the roundup of ancient and colorful buildings that announce the spirit of Udine.

Udine in the eighteenth century was the city of Giambattista Tiepolo who reached his artistic maturity here: today you can admire his masterpieces in the Tiepolo Galleries (in the Patriarchal Palace), in the Duomo, in the church of Purità.
Today Udine is a city open to innovation while linking its image to authentic taverns where one of the most popular rituals is celebrated, namely the tasting of a glass of wine (tajut) to be savored in a convivial atmosphere.


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