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Mirko  boat

Mirko boat

Taxi boat hire with driver dedicated to small groups of people and rentals for half or full day transfers.

On board our motorboat, you can admire the uniqueness of the landscape of Grado, re-experiencing its history.


The boat is made entirely of wood: a high-performance hull that is perfect for lagoon transport. The taxi-boat, with its refined interiors made with the best leathers and materials, can carry up to a maximum of 12 people, reaching your destination in a short time.

Some of the excursions and culinary tours that we propose

1. The Island of Barbana

The Island of Barbana is located in the middle of Grado’s lagoon. It’s clearly visible coming from the street that connects Grado to Aquileia. An experience not to miss for who desires to visit the Sanctuary or for who simply loves to be in the middle of nature and all its peaceful surrounding.

- TRAVEL TIME: 30 min. 

€ 10,00 per pers. (min 6 people)


2.Tour of the lagoon

An environment of superb beauty. A rich ecosystem to be discovered wandering along the shallow waters of the lagoon, tween fish farms and huts, to discover incredible places only accessible by sea.

- TRAVEL TIME: 60 min.

€ 10,00 per pers. (min 6 people)


3. Anfora Island

Ideal route to enjoy a day of sun and silence immersed in the lagoon until you reach the island of Porto Buso - La Trattoria Ai Ciodi (www.portobusoaiciodi.it). It is a gastronomic experience for lovers of the cuisine of Grado where fish reigns supreme.

- LUNCH ON THE ISLAND (not included). 
- TRAVEL TIME: 50 min. 
- GO/RETURN + STOP 2 hours

€ 20,00 per pers. (min 6 people)

4. Trieste or Lignano

A tour we suggest for guests of Grado that desire to visit the nearby cities. Enhoying the sunshine and spectacular views of the Adriatic coast, traveling by sea and in perfect relaxation.

- TRAVEL TIME: 1.30 min. 

€ 40,00 per pers. (min 6 people)


Address Riva Slataper 12, Grado
Telephone 345 468 6207
Website http://www.mirkotaxiboat-grado.com/

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