Mezzocielo 3.0

Mezzocielo 3.0

At 8:45 pm

How does a pianist interpret music? What does he feel while playing and what is his emotional state? The spectator will be able to find out in real time thanks to the interaction between an EEG neuron helmet worn by the artist and a graphic designer who will pick up the brain parameters emitted by the device and transform them into visual art. Classical music will thus accompany the audience on an exciting journey through the human mind, from its birth to its development, in which the history of man and music will go hand in hand from the cradle of humanity to the future.

by and with Matteo Bevilacqua at the piano
Claudio Tuniz, Scientist Emeritus of the ICTP (UNESCO) Centre for Physics in Trieste
Alessandro Passoni, software development

production: RiMeMuTe

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