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Sea&taste - sunset cruise to Aquileia

Sea&taste - sunset cruise to Aquileia

A journey through time guided by the flavors of tradition with an exclusive night visit to Aquileia

An exciting sunset cruise surrounded by a kaleidoscope of warm colors accompanied by a path and a unique environment: Grado Lagoon. During the navigation you will participate to a guided tasting with the authentic tastes of wine producers of the FVG Wine Route and Flavors and you will enjoy a typical spaghetti.

There will be a space dedicated to the stories and music of Captain Nico, while we will cross the San Giuliano Canal observing the village of Casoni and fishing valleys.

At the end of dinner the journey into history will continue with an exclusive visit to Aquileia by night: it will be possible to go down among the columns of the Forum with torches, walk along the Decumano of Aratria Gallia, the entrance road to Aquileia that cuts the Forum and follows the trend of Cardo Massimo of the Roman city, for a real journey in Ancient Rome times.

When: 18 and 25 August, 01 and 08 September.


h 6.00 pm meeting with our guide at Torpediniere pier of Grado and boarding on

Santa Maria boat

h 6.15- 8.15 pm night guided tour of Aquileia at the Forum and Decumanus

h 8.40 pm departure from Aquileia port for return

h 9.45 pm departure from the port of Aquileia for the return

h 10.30 pm ca arrival in Grado



Adults 40,00 Euro

Children 6 – 11 years old 20,00 Euro

Children 0 – 5 years old free

Price includes

  • boat cruise
  • tour guide during excursion
  • tasting of local wines on board
  • spaghetti on board
  • safety kit 

Price does not include

  • Extras
  • Not mentioned entrances
  • anything not expressly indicated in “the price includes"


Reservations can be made:

Online through the website (with the possibility to pay by credit card or paypal)
Email to info@travelone.it
Chat website or whatsapp office +39.345.1440110
Info point PromoturismoFVG +39 0431 877111
Consorzio Grado Turismo +39 0431 80383


Excursion can be done with min. 20 participants

Special prices for groups of min. 15 people

Booking deadline:

by 4.00 pm on the day before the excursion



We have drawn up a protocol containing CODIV-19 prevention tips and practices, defining the procedures which must be adopted in order to safeguard your health during all phases of your holiday and/or excursion with any of our staff, our customers and collaborators and service providers. Respecting the rules and the common sense of all are our best allies to help us stay healthy, avoid contagion and allow us to travel and work safely in the future.


  • Signing and delivery of a self-declaration stating the participant's health and the absence of "risky social contacts" upon arrival on vacation or at the departure of the tour/excursion, this documentation will be kept for a maximum period of 14 days from the end of the stay, travel, activity, as required by the ordinances in force;
  • compliance with the rules of distancing between non-cohabiting people;
  • ban of public gatherings;
  • obligation to use masks to protect the respiratory tract in all enclosed spaces accessible to the public and in any case on all occasions where it is not possible to continuously guarantee that interpersonal safety distance can be maintained, without prejudice to the exceptions provided for by current provisions (children under the age of 6, subjects with disabilities that are not compatible with the continuous use of the mask and subjects interacting with the aforementioned);
  • frequent washing and sanitizing of hands;
  • avoiding the exchange of objects, sports equipment, food or drinks between non-cohabiting participants;
  • respecting and implementing the provisions of the sites visited (churches, museums, laboratories, wine cellars, etc.) regarding staggered entrances and rules of conduct inside the aforementioned;
  • compliance with timetables and travel plans;
  • ban on participating in public activities, excursions or tours in the event of fever or flu symptoms;
  • obligation for customers who experience fever, cough and other flu-like symptoms, to give responsible notice in order to initiate the necessary assistance and initiate the emergency responson with regards to the current COVID-19 context



When booking, all travel documentation (contract, voucher, tickets, current regulations and self-declarations, invoices) must be provided in electronic format and sent by e-mail or WhatsApp. The documents signed by customers must be countersigned to indicate acceptance and returned in the same way or delivered on the day of arrival or excursion in a sealed envelope.



The personal data of our customers are processed electronically in compliance with current legislation. The complete Privacy Policy is available on our website www.travelone.it or at our offices.


Address Molo Torpediniere, Grado
Telephone +39.345.1440110
Email info@travelone.it
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