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Books and authors in Grado

Books and authors in Grado

Literary meetings on the beach, 28th edition.

The traditional and long awaited dates with books on the enchanting beach of Grado. July will see the 28th edition of the review “Books and authors in Grado“, sponsored by the Region and Municipality with the collaboration of Git and the support of Fondazione Antonveneta and Enel.


Start to mark the important dates in your diary dedicated to the literary universe, held every Friday throughout July starting at 6:00 p.m. beneath the Sail on the main beach, where you’ll be able to meet well-known names on the Italian  essay and literary scene and enjoy the talks.


A recognised, much appreciated review.

Grado’s literary review has been confirmed as one of the best-loved and respected, with its lively, competent question and answer sessions from attentive, regular readers.


The comfort of taking part in book events a couple of steps from the beach, completely relaxed, and wearing just your swimsuit and sandals (or perhaps with the addition of a sarong!), without having to go home to get ready and change is truly priceless!


The meetings are open to the public and entry is free.

Contacts G.I.T. GRADO Impianti Turistici tel: +39 0431 899111 mail:info@gradoit.it 


A. Baricco
Life is like listening to the waves of the sea...
The waves ebb... and flow... change things...
Then everything is as it was before... but nothing is the same...



Telephone +39 0431 899111
Email info@gradoit.it
Website http://www.gradoit.it/

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