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Calici di Stelle (Star-studded wineglasses)

Calici di Stelle (Star-studded wineglasses)

A month of August full of wine tasting and wine-food pairings, between Grado and Aquileia.

C alici di stelle [Star-studded wineglasses] is a much anticipated event, with the fragrances, nuances and perfumes of the region, accompanying tourists and enthusiasts on an exciting
journey to discover exquisite dishes and wines, between Grado and Aquileia


Visitors can choose between the romantic beach of Grado or the historical charm of Aquileia.
You can create unique pairings which involve all senses: there will be tables set up with delicacies to accompany the wines being tasted. There will be plenty of opportunities for musical and
olfactory combinations.

This event is supported by the Regional Government and by Cassa di Risparmio del FVG, organised by Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia in partnership with Strade del Vino e Sapori FVG and GIT – Grado Impianti Turistici, together withthe Città del Vino of Aquileia.
The event takes place every year in the month of August. For the wine tastings you need to buy a special kit consisting of a silk-screen printed wine glass in its own pouch.


Address Grado, Largo San Grisogono

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