Pier Paolo Suite

Pier Paolo Suite

Thursday, August 11 at 9:00 pm - Arena Parco delle Rose

"Pier Paolo Suite" with Glauco Venier - piano, Alba Nacinovich - voice, Marcello Allulli - sax, Francesco Diodati - guitar.

Dancers: Anna Savanelli, Karin Candido, Margherita Costantini - Choreography Roberto Cocconi. Alejandro Bonn and Veronica Dariol acting voices. Dramaturgy by Davide Rossi.

Direction by Omar Giorgio Makhloufi.

Free entrance

The show Pier Paolo Suite, with original music composed in dedication to the cantor of primroses by Glauco Venier, composer-pianist from Friuli of international fame, who for this special occasion will be joined by the talented jazz-voice of Alba Nacinovich, singer from Fiume, the saxophones of Marcello Allulli and the guitar of Francesco Diodati.  This particular quartet was given the task of transforming a score in the form of a suite into a sound evocation, based on some Friulian lyrics by the young Pier Paolo and other authors. Authors who, like Federico Tavan, Amedeo Giacomini and Novella Cantarutti, were differently influenced by Pasolini's example and personalised the poetic model. On the music by Glauco Venier, conceived to transfer into sound evocation a score in the form of a Suite, the Compagnia Arearea will create a contemporary dance choreography, to which will be added a dramaturgy with readings by the Associazione Arti Fragili, bringing on stage young actors and dancers, for an innovative and contemporary compositional effort.

PRODUCTION Fondazione Luigi Bon - Associazione Culturale Arearea - Associazione Compagnia Arti Fragili

IN COLLABORATION WITH Associazione Mittelfest - Teatro stabile del FVG - Associazione Accademia Arrigoni - Teatri Stabil Furlan -
Istituto comprensivo di Tavagnacco - Istituto Comprensivo Educandato Uccellis - Accademia Naonis Association 



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