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Only 10 km from Grado, within easy reach by bicycle along the Alpe Adria cycleway, stands an exceptionally important archaeological site.

UNESCO World Heritage Site, founded by the Romans in 181 B.C. to defend the eastern border Aquileia rapidly became one of the main cities of the Roman Empire and the capital of Regio Decima Venetia et Histria.

You can now experience the illustrious past of this fascinating place and the splendours of tha extraordinary epoch with a visit to the forum, the river port, the necropolis and the National Archaeological Museum, founded in 1882 as the “Imperial-Regio State Museum” under the patronage of Emperor Franz Joseph.

Today, it is one of the richest museums of archaeological finds in northern Italy: importan collections of gems, ambers and coins, statues, household and ornamental remains, a vast epigraphic gallery and a considerable amount of utmost beautiful floor mosaics, all housed in a recently restored villa surrounded by vast gardens.

There are also numerous remains of the Patriarchate of Aquileia (568-1751), the largest Episcopa see in Mediaeval Europe, including the particularly notable mosaics of the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta.



Address Aquileia

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