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Trieste: crossroad of many people

Trieste: crossroad of many people

Thanks to the Maritime Line that connects Grado to Trieste, you can reach the splendid city by sea.

One thing is certain, there is no single way to observe it, taste it and live it. The important thing is to do it from different perspectives and without losing the curiosity to grasp every detail because Trieste is indeed beautiful, different from the first glance than other Italian cities. From the secluded alleys it is enough to re-emerge in the trajectories of the great squares and monuments because the city regains its most well-known face, the multicultural and Central European face. But also multi-ethnic and plurilingual. When Trieste is talked about, the qualifying adjectives never seem too many: the city of wind and literary cafés, of the Barcolana and the Karst, the center of gravity of Friuli Venezia Giulia between the Prealps and “the Àdriatico Mar” - as D'Annunzio defined it -, was and is a crossroads of people and thinkers, religious and rulers, intellectuals and writers, such as to make it a unique place: in the homeland of Italo Svevo, numerous artists and authors are gravitated, between the eighth and twentieth century, by James Joyce - who began writing the Ulysses - to Giuseppe Verdi to whom the city's main opera house is dedicated. In Trieste, in the "little Vienna on the sea", there is the largest synagogue in Europe, dated 1912, and the only extermination camp on the peninsula - the Risiera di San Sabba - today an important civic museum. Surrounded by the Karst plateau, on the hill of San Giusto the cathedral and fortress of the same name rise, while down the coast, the Miramare Castle, an icon of the Habsburg dynasty and home to a park and historical museum of rare composure, offers an unforgettable glimpse of the gulf. Palaces of neoclassical, liberty and baroque styles embrace the piazza par excellence, Unity of Italy, the largest in the old continent among those facing the sea, and its Audace pier, a catwalk of over 200 meters “where I never feel alone ”, Recalling another illustrious Trieste, Umberto Saba. And if the shopping street is Corso Italia, Via Torino is the place to meet at aperitif time, for a white Spritz made with wine and seltzer with ice and lemon and a "rebechin", the meatball appetizer and breaded vegetables or a marinated sardine with vinegar and onion.


Address Trieste piazza unità d'Italia
Telephone 0406754850
Email urp@comune.trieste.it
Website https://www.discover-trieste.it/

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