Grado Pineta

Grado Pineta

Not far from the centre of Grado and linked also by a bike route is the beach of Grado Pineta

The Grado Pineta quarter is ideal for a quiet family holiday, with the beach just a stone’s throw from greenery and not too far from the historic centre. But that’s not all. The services and entertainment organized by the establishments that run some areas of the beach make it a place well loved by young people who gather for an aperitif or an evening on the beach.

Today the people of Grado choose Grado Pineta as the place to spend a different kind of afternoon or evening.

Grado, friend to animals

A large area of the beach is reserved for welcoming 4-legged friends, who will find everything needed to enjoy a pleasant day at the beach in the Snoopy Beach area.

In recent years the Pineta beach has become a place much loved by kitesurfers from all over Europe, who gather here at the first breath of wind to launch themselves in spectacular and colourful pirouettes in midair.

Grado Pineta is also linked to the Grado city centre by means of a bike route.



Airone Beach
Services available

Beach establishment, restaurant and pizzeria
swimming pool, free WiFi for customers
SKY Bar sports events, bike rental
Viale dell'Orione 10/aa
34073 GRADO (GO)
Tel. + 39 0431 83630
cell. + 39 329 0628718


Costa del Sol
viale Dell'Orione
34073 GRADO (GO)
Cell. + 39 347 65 51 674


DID YOU KNOW THAT … Grado Pineta was planted to protect the coastline?
In 1900, the Captaincy of Gorizia ordered the planting of 35,000 pines in the Le Dune locality, the area of sandy dunes on the ground of the Banco della Mula of Muggia. The planting was successful, and the following year the actual afforestation took place, with 200,000 seedlings being planted in the Punta Barbacale area.
The promoter of this afforestation was Corrado Rubbia of Gorizia, a forefather of the famous Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia, who suggested to the Austrian government that trees be planted to consolidate the bank and protect Grado, taking into consideration the prevalently east-west movement of both the water and the wind.
It starts from the Monti della Rotta at the points most critical for wind and tides. Despite some difficulties, the goal was achieved in 1921.


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