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Porto Mandracchio

Porto Mandracchio

The economic nerve centre of Grado since ancient times.

The old port of Grado, with its characteristic Y shape, first wanted by the Venetians and then by the Austro-Hungarians, is the town’s parlour on the sea with bars, cafes, restaurants and shops.

The port never sleeps in the typical atmosphere of the seaside town. In the early hours of the morning it is the place where you will see fishing boats returning with fresh fish that you can buy at the fish market, run by the Fishermen’s Cooperative and located at the head of the Porto Mandracchio canal. During the day the wharfs are frequented by many people working, strolling or shopping.

If you pay a bit of attention as you go along the piers, you can identify the symbols used by fishermen since ancient times to mark the nets belonging to them so they wouldn’t be mistaken for those of other families. In the evening, sitting at a table in one of the many typical restaurants, you can enjoy the breathtaking view that complements Grado’s many food specialties. And after dinner, once again the port, with the nearby historical centre and the breakwater, will be the stage of your evening walks.

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