Schiusa Island

Schiusa Island

The perimeter of the island is lined with boat landings and shaded by the green cap of maritime pines.

Two bridges connect Grado to the Schiusa Island: one vehicular, which runs from the roundabout between Via Manzoni and Riva Scaramuzza, and the other pedestrian, entitled to Egidio Bullesi and also known as the "white bridge". 

The Schiusa Island district is home to the Sports Field, the Civil Defence headquarters, the city's school and welfare facilities, and has a significant capacity in terms of parking spaces; in addition to accommodating hundreds of cars in the central square and side streets, a new 195-space pay car park is active from 2021 in the area adjacent to the sports field. 

A ferry service connects Grado to the island of Barbana from the Schiusa canal.

DID YOU KNOW THAT... The Schiusa Island, now an integral part of the heart of Grado, did not exist before 1957, when the filling works were started that made 17 hectares of the lagoon buildable?