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Schiusa island

Schiusa island

A delightful pedestrian bridge - reminiscent of the Rialto Bridge - leads to Schiusa island.


In Grado like in Venice


The pedestrian bridge that links Grado with Schiusa island, with its evocative charm reminiscent of the Rialto Bridge in Venice, is an invitation to take a walk, especially during summer evenings. Schiusa is at the end of the walk along Viale Dante Alighieri, towards Via Galilei.

The Schiusa island quarter holds the town’s sports facility, school and health building and has a considerable capacity in terms of parking, as it is able to accommodate several hundred cars in the central square and on the side streets.

A ferry service on the Schiusa Canal connects Grado to the island of Barbana.

Schiusa island
, today an integral part of the heart of Grado, did not exist before 1957, when the reclamation works were begun that transformed 17 hectares of lagoon into land for development?

The perimeter of the islet is enhanced with landing places for boats and a green cap of maritime pines.

Access for cars is provided by the bridge that runs from the roundabout between Via Manzoni and Riva Scaramuzza.



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