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Nature bus

Nature bus

Every Tuesday morning, from 8 June to 7 September 2021

To enhance the natural beauties around the island, every Tuesday you can get on the Nature Bus to visit the Regional Nature Reserve Foce dell'Isonzo. The excursion includes a guided tour of the Cona Island and lunch at the bar/restaurant "Il Pettirosso", inside the reserve. 



  • 09.00  Bus station Piazza Carpaccio (lane 4)
  • 09.05  Riva Slataper (in front of hotel Savoy)
  • 09.10  Città Giardino (in front of hotel Argentina)
  • 09.15  Grado Pineta (Orsa Maggiore street)
  • 09.20 Villaggio Cà Laguna
  • 09.23 Villaggio Europa/Punta Spin
  • 09.25 Tenuta Primero
  • 09.50 arrival in Isola della Cona
  • 10.00 -12.30 guided tour and activities with Camargue horses
  • 12.30 - 13.50 lunch at the bar/restaurant "il Pettirosso" on the Foce Isonzo Reserve or self-packed lunch with pick-nick 
  • 14.00 departure for the return to Grado
  • 14.25 Tenuta Primero
  • 14.27  Villaggio Europa/Punta Spin
  • 14.30  Villaggio Cà Laguna
  • 14.35  Grado Pineta (Orsa Maggiore street)
  • 14.40  Città Giardino (in front of hotel Argentina)
  • 14.45  Riva Slataper (in front of hotel Savoy)
  • 14.50 bus station Piazza Carpaccio


Minimum 5 participants, maximum 20 people.

LANGUAGES: Italian, English

  • Price for adults/children with lunch in the Reserve € 15.00 including bus transfer, entrance to the Reserve, guided tour with a nature guide in Cona Island and lunch at the bar/restaurant il pettirosso (stuffed sandwich or focaccia + drink)
  • Price for adults/children with self-packed lunch € 8.00 including bus transfer, entrance to the Reserve, guided tour of Cona Island; picnic with self-packed lunch at the Reserve's viewpoint.

Any allergies, intolerances and special requests must be communicated at the time of booking. 

In case of light rain the excursion will be done anyway.

Must be booked by 12 noon on Monday afternoon.


For the activities organized by the Consorzio Grado Turismo the reservation is compulsory and must be made by 12 noon of the day before the excursion, by email (experience@grado.it) or by phone + 39 0431 80383, providing NAME, SURNAME, RESIDENCE AND TELEPHONE NUMBER. This data will be stored for 14 days.

The use of masks - or nose and mouth protection - is mandatory in closed environments and in all those social outdoor situations where it is not possible to respect safety distances. The only exceptions concern cohabitants, children under six years of age, people with disabilities incompatible with the continuous use of personal protective equipment.

During the activities, photos and videos may be taken; if you do not wish to be filmed, please let us know before starting the activity and fill out the consent form attached below.

The personal data provided during the booking process will be treated in compliance with the regulations in force. Privacy Policy of Grado Turismo Consortium HERE. 


Telephone 0431 80383
Email experience@grado.it
Website http://www.grado.it/
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Useful informations

Timetables On Tuesdays from 9.00 a.m. to 14.50 p.m.
Price 15 € including lunch; 8 € with self-packed lunch

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