Ombrelloni Ospitalità
Muscles of steel

Muscles of steel

The Aquaticrunner, Triathlon, an indoor bike marathon and a non-competitive walk are on their way between August and September to keep you fit.

If you want to meet men and women “of steel”, just take part or simply watch the Aquaticrunner Italy Xtrim Border Lagoon, or the Let’sGoTriathlon in Grado (one Italy’s historic triathlon events).

The former is a spectacular competition of running and swimming, which is held annually in the lagoon area. It departs from Grado and arrives in Lignano Sabbiadoro after 24.5 kilometres on foot and 5.7 kilometres swimming. The race is held at the end of August-beginning of September and is valid for the Italian championship (men and women) in the SwimRun speciality.

The Olympic Triathlon of Grado (swimming, bike and running) is run in the first weekend of September and involves dozens of professionals and amateurs coming to the Island from Italy and from nearby Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The swimming section (held in the sea in front of the Parco delle Rose) is 1.5 kilometres long; the cycle section (40 kilometres long) takes the athletes out of Grado to the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve; the race on foot (10 kilometres) winds between the beach, the sea wall and the Old Town of Grado.

Accompanying it all will be Let’sGoSpinners, a 2-hour marathon on stationary bikes and

Let’sGoWalking, a non-competitive walk following a lovely 3.5 kilometre route, starting from the Parco delle Rose and passing along the beach, sea wall and historic town centre. 

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