Aperitif with Art  - "Rebel poets"

Aperitif with Art - "Rebel poets"

Saturday 04 June from 8 p.m., come and discover the rebel poets (Neruda, Prevert, Pasolini and Biagio Marin); 8 p.m. walk in the Marin places - meeting and departure Piazza Biagio Marin"; aperitif at the flower terrace of the Grand Hotel Astoria from 9.30 p.m.

What did Neruda, Pasolini and Prèvert have in common? What linked Pier Paolo Pasolini to Biagio Marin, even though they were at the antipodes as a vision of society? A journey into the world of poetry, from Friuli to Rome, from Santiago de Chile to Madrid to the outskirts of Paris. A multi-voice show with music performed live together with images and videos, with: Francesca Martinelli (poet and art teacher), Cristina Benussi (President of the Baigio Marin Study Centre), Massimo Tommasini (photographer and videomaker) and Amir Karalic on guitar. Directed by Massimo Tommasini. Event organised on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of tourism in Grado by the Consorzio Grado Turismo and the Adelinquere Cultural Association in collaboration with the Centro Studi Biagio Marin

8 p.m. literary walk in the places dear to Biagio Marin
- meeting and departure from Piazza Biagio Marin in the centre of Grado
9:00 p.m.
- aperitif at the Grand Hotel Astoria "Terrazza Fiorita" 
9.30 p.m. start of the show "Stories of rebel poets".
Reservation required --> www.aperitivoconlarte.it

The price of 15 euros includes a walk around the places of Biagio Marin, the Aperitif with Art show and wine tasting of Collio Gorizia. At the start, each participant will be given a participation badge (a beautiful bookmark designed by Sicilian cartoonist Lelio Bonaccorso) .

The "Aperitif with Art" is a cultural format conceived in 2017 by Massimo Tommasini with the aim of presenting to the public the story of some artists of the 20th century (writers, musicians, painters, singers, actors, directors, photographers, dancers), making use of the collaboration of highly qualified professional figures in the artistic/cultural field such as journalists, actors, critics, photographers and art historians. The main feature of the Aperitif with Art is to convey information and detailed knowledge in a way that is as simple and accessible as possible to all, regardless of age, level of education, knowledge of the subject and personal skills. The style is colloquial, in a two-way dialogue between the director and the qualified professional, leaving room for any interventions by the audience or actively involving them, in a dynamic rhythm between the 'narrating' voices, with moments of irony but also emotion. The visual stimuli and live music contribute to the ensemble's vitality.

The Adelinquere Cultural Association was founded in 2018, from an idea of photographer Massimo Tommasini and journalist Cristina Bonadei, with the aim of promoting culture in a fun and informal way. The name "Adelinquere" is inspired by the need of every artist to break common rules (with reference to conventions and not legality) in order to feel free to create



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