"Grado 130' to drink

"Grado 130' to drink

Cocktails and aperitifs inspired by the "Grado130" festival

During the 6 months of the "Grado 130" event, at bars and wine bars located in various parts of the island, you can taste delicious cocktails and refreshing "Grado 130" aperitifs.

Discover the participating companies and their proposals:


- Seti Cafè: Cocktail 'Caipi Tonego', the Grado version of the Caipirinha. Lime pulp blended with Gintonego, bergamot liqueur and citron water, all shaken with ice and Santonego leaves (sea absinthe), which enhance the cocktail's aroma and flavour. 

Creation by Teo Peschechera, Gintonego by Riccardo Gaddi. Available from 01 July.



- Duca d' Aosta: S.Ve.n.To.nego' cocktail, the best-loved and most famous grappa-based cocktail, the Ve.n.To. twisted by the Duca D'Aosta's barmen to celebrate together these 130 years of Grad tourism. The recipe?
Lemon, "Barena" millefiori honey from the Grado lagoon, chamomile, pine-nut milk, home-made albumin, and as spirit the unmistakable Santonego® (a typical grappa aromatised with sea wormwood) produced by the Lagunando company. For decoration 'un toco de patacheo' (a typical Grado sweet made with caramel and pine nuts).

-  Osteria Da Filomena: cocktail Americano 130, the alternative to the classic Americano, for your perfect gradese aperitif. The cocktail is composed of Campari bitter, Vermouth Santòn and soda. Discover the flavours of our land with Santòn, Friuli Venezia Giulia's first agricultural vermouth, composed of 30 aromatic herbs including sea wormwood (Artemisia Caerulescens) called santonego in the local dialect and originating mainly from the Grado lagoon.



- Campiello della Torre


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