Rules for dogs on the beach in Grado

Rules for dogs on the beach in Grado

Dogs are allowed in the establishments specifically authorised for this purpose and on 2/3 of the free beaches which, for the Municipality of Grado, are identified in the plan below


The use of bathing establishments equipped for dogs (Lido di Fido inside the GIT beach and Snoopy's Beach in Grado Pineta), which are signposted with appropriate signs, is allowed from dawn to dusk during the whole bathing season, with pedestrian access only. Dogs must be accompanied by their keeper with the obligation to use a leash and, in the cases provided for by the regulations in force, also a muzzle. Dog owners must have suitable tools at their disposal for the immediate removal of droppings.

Dogs may swim in the sea in the stretch of water in front of the above-mentioned area; only dogs that are duly registered with the dog registry office and/or that can prove, even in the case of animals coming from abroad, that they are up to date with their vaccinations may access the beach.

The owners/keepers of the dogs are responsible for the welfare, control and management of the animals and are liable, both civilly and criminally, for any damage or injury to persons, animals and property caused by the animal. Dogs must be kept on a leash on the beach and in the water in front of the beach and must not disturb the neighbourhood or show aggression towards others present. Dogs with an aggressive syndrome and females in the oestrus period are forbidden; animals must never be left unattended and free to roam; the owner and/or companion will be held responsible for the animal's behaviour. Dogs must be free from flea, tick or other parasite infestation and dog owners/keepers must immediately remove any droppings produced by the animals, and for this purpose they must be provided with suitable dustpans/collectors, to be placed in the appropriate containers installed in the area.

Infringements will be punished, if the fact does not constitute an offence, by applying - depending on the case and in accordance with the provisions of Law 689/81 - the administrative pecuniary sanctions set out in article 1164 of the Navigation Code, paragraphs 1 and 2, and subsequent amendments and additions. Read the ordinance on bathing in the Municipality of Grado HERE.

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