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French occupation

French occupation

The French occupation of Grado lasted about 7 years (they left the island in January 1814).

During this period, in 1808, the French decided to protect Grado - evidently after having tried what a strong syrup can cause - with a cliff of large stones taken from Istria, about 750 meters long. The remains of this cliff are located in front of the present dam. In fact, a sort of palisade stuck in the clay was built as a protection in 1750 with the permission of the Republic of Venice. The dam itself was built by the Austrians in 1885. Over the years it has been transformed, lengthened and modified. In recent years it has been expanded and enlarged with the addition of some special fountains, undoubtedly spectacular but which sometimes disturb the people who live nearby, so much so that they are turned off in the evening and often during the day. The last intervention was followed by extensive protests and complaints that still continue. This is the most recent story.

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