Santonego ®

Santonego ®

Take a moment to relax and sip Grado’s liqueur.

Santonego® is a product of Lagunando, obtained from the skilful blending of a special selection of the best quality grappa with an alcohol content of 38° with an infusion of aromatic herbs where marine absinth (Artemisia coerulescens) becomes the indisputable protagonist. The elixir obtained is then carefully filtered to give the product the unmistakable green colour of Santonego® and its extraordinary and exclusive clarity. Excellent after a meal, it enjoys bitter-tonic properties and expresses its versatility in the most varied modes of consumption, ensuring a sure satisfaction even when tasted neat or iced. On the palate it is dry and enveloping, balanced and long persistent; the bitter finish is typical and pleasant. Both the taste and the bright green Cezanne colour become inseparable companions of long-drinks and cocktails; harmonious also in addition to sorbets and exalting in combination with desserts and chocolate. 



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