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Baths with Ozone

Baths with Ozone

Balneotherapy is recommended for dermatological and rheumatic diseases. Discover the benefits of a massage in seawater.

Treatment with balneotherapy

Balneotherapy (ozonised sea water baths) is a natural treatment recommended for dermatological and rheumatic diseases. It uses the properties of ozone, a gas that not only has important antiseptic activity, but is also able to improve the flow of oxygen in the tissues and acts as an important vasodilator, stimulating blood circulation. During every bath the entire body is massaged and toned.

At the Grado seaside spas, a balneotherapy cycle consists of 12 thermal baths. This treatment is indicated for cellulite, skin aging, acne and skin spots, psoriasis, hypertension, stress, and blood circulation. It is also recommended for arthritic and rheumatic diseases, extra-articular rheumatism, osteoarthritis and other degenerative disorders.


Baths in seawater heated to 36-37°C

This treatment involves total body immersion in a tub of sea water heated to 36-37°C (97-99°F), to which ozone is added. Each treatment lasts 30 minutes: 15 for the immersion stage and 15 for the reaction stage. The complete cycle includes 12 thermal baths in 12 days.

At the Grado seaside spa, balneotherapy treatment is a service affiliated with the National Health Service for arthritic-rheumatic and dermatological disorders (osteoarthritis and other degenerative forms, extra-articular rheumatism, psoriasis).

Bath in a Mekhydro tub

Compared to the simple ozonised bath, this service feature offers a professional hydromassage treatment to increase the effectiveness of the massage and toning action. The duration of the treatment is 30 minutes, 15 minutes of immersion and 15 minutes of reaction. The complete cycle includes 12 consecutive daily spa baths.

This service is not affiliated with the National Health Service and is subject to hourly


Bath in tub with hydro-air massage

During this treatment, which is done while immersed in a tub of seawater, a specialized therapist performs an underwater massage using a movable hand piece with adjustable hydromassage pressure. The treatment lasts 30 minutes, followed by the reaction stage for 15 minutes, done in a special room. The treatment cycle includes 12 massages in 12 days.

This service is not affiliated with the National Health Service and is subject to hourly




  • The treatment cycle, which includes 12 treatments to be carried out within a maximum period of three weeks, requires a previous medical examination and an appointment made by the pertinent Office.
  • Upon payment, a magnetic card will be issued containing the treatments, to which is attached a schedule showing the date, time and number of baths.
  • The treatments and consequently the magnetic card are personal, and under no circumstances can be transferred to third parties.
  • Patients who arrive late or are absent at the appointed time (the call is made punctually every half hour, at :00 and :30 minutes), are not entitled to any reimbursement or making up of the bath not taken, unless notice has been given to the Office at least two hours in advance (telephone 0431 899309). In the latter case, a new appointment will be made exclusively by the cashiers, according to the times available at the moment.
  • Cancellations of a full treatment cycle are allowed only for formally documented health reasons.
  • The resumption of treatment interrupted due to health reasons will in any event be established by the physicians at the spa.
  • It is recommended that personal items of value, money or documents not be brought to the treatment rooms: the Management declines all responsibility for the loss of personal items.
  • When called, the patient will be shown to a room by the staff member, where the door will be locked. After undressing, the patient will be able to enter the room with the bath, if possible wearing sandals with non-slip rubber sole, waiting for the attendant before entering the tub.
  • At the end of the bath the patient will call the attendants with the bell and will wait for them to arrive before leaving the tub and going to the reaction room.
  • In special cases, if indicated by the spa physicians, the patient will be able to enter the bath assisted by one or more persons accompanying them.


Address Grado, Terme marine
Telephone 0431/899309
Email terme@gradoit.it

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