Seaside Spa

Seaside Spa

Holidays or a special weekend are the best occasions for relaxing and taking care of your body.



The THERMAL POOL, with heated seawater, the SAUNA and the WELLNESS CENTRE are OPEN daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., closed on Tuesdays.

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Info and reservations:

The Grado Seaside Spa, very popular in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, offers a combination of thermal bath, aesthetic and beauty treatments, together with heated seawater pools, a fitness centre and a sauna area provided with every comfort. Set on an island that is a jewel in the Venetian style, with an ancient culinary tradition and a magical lagoon, the Grado Seaside Spa, with its splendid view of the sea, lets you combine curative treatments with the beach offerings of the Island of the Sun.

Why you should choose the Grado Seaside Spa:

  • The only spa in Friuli Venezia Giulia that uses sea water
  • Hydrotherapy treatments with sea water
  • Pools with sea water for rehabilitation and recreation
  • Therapeutic thalassotherapy and spa treatments affiliated with the National Health Service
  • Rehabilitation treatments in sea water
  • Psammatotherapy, the sand bath
  • Heliotherapy
  • Aesthetic and beauty treatments
  • Doctors and specialists always present (specialized doctors and professional staff)
  • Seaside water park with sea water
  • Safe, child-friendly beach, with activities and equipment
  • Marine microclimate
  • Cultural, recreational, food & wine and entertainment offerings

The Seaside Spa offer:

Linked to the mainland by a thin strip of land, Grado is an island, secluded and narrow around its historic centre, which has a recognizably strong and enchanting Venetian character. The beach is distinguished by its facilities, quality service and attention to the safety of its youngest guests: staying in Grado, beautiful in every season, is like reliving the pleasures of the Habsburg aristocracy, who started coming here for the baths and the seaside spa in the early 19th century.

The strong point of Grado’s Seaside Spa - immersed in an extraordinary marine climate – is thalassotherapy, a treatment method that involves the use of sea water and its beneficial properties, which have a cleansing, toning and rebalancing effect on our organism.

The Seaside Spa offers hydrotherapy treatments including baths, aerosols, inhalations, nebulisations and insufflations and manual and mechanical physiotherapy. Added to these are heliotherapy and psammatotherapy, the so-called sand bath, which is the oldest and most characteristic thermal treatment at the spa.

Also at the disposal of the guests are two swimming pools with sea water, one for open swimming with water at 31°C and the other with water at 32°C with a coordinated hydromassage system, ideal for enjoying a moment of relaxation. You can pamper yourself at the wellness centre with massages and beauty treatments and in the hot area equipped with Turkish bath, sauna and whirlpool bath, and exercise in the fitness centre.

And at the Water Park, located right on Grado’s main beach, you can take a dip in welcoming salt water pools; maximum fun is guaranteed for both adults and children, with diving boards, games, waterfalls and whirlpool baths.


Spa treatments

Balneotherapy: recommended for dermatological and rheumatic disorders

Inhalation treatments: indicated for those suffering from ear, nose and throat or respiratory disorders

Physiotherapy: treatments indicated for motor system disorders

Psammatotherapy: treatment indicated for arthritic disorders

Heliotherapy: treatment indicated for some types of dermatological disorders

Wellness treatments:

  • Finnish sauna, whirlpool bath, Turkish bath with sea fog
  • Beauty and wellness treatments, massages
  • Pool with heated sea water and hydromassage
  • Fitness centre

The following Grado Seaside Spa treatments are affiliated with the National Health System: ozonised baths in sea water heated to 36-37°C for arthritic-rheumatic disorders; direct inhalations, nebulisations and aerosols for disorders characterized by vasomotor sinusopathies, chronic pharyngolaryngitis, chronic sinusitis and chronic rhino-sinusitis-bronchial syndromes. All treatments involve the use of heated seawater.

Guests interested in doing a course of treatment at the Grado Seaside Spa can request the necessary medical prescription from their family doctor and, after having previously contacted the spa, go to the reception desk to make arrangements.

The Grado Seaside Spa is accessible to people with motor disabilities.

The pool is equipped with a lift to make it easier to enter the water.

With the FVG Card there is a discount of:

  • 25% on the daily ticket for the sauna and Turkish bath
  • 30% on massages and facial and body treatments


The History of the Grado Seaside Spa


The Habsburg aristocracy started coming to Grado in the early 19th century for the baths and the excellent seaside spa, which today provides a modern, important and qualified offer from the areas of aesthetic medicine to specific programs for thalassotherapy and the prevention of skin aging.

The Grado Thalassotherapy Institute (Seaside Spa) is one of the most up-to-date centres in Italy. Its philosophy in the use of the natural and physical elements of the marine environment for the cure and rehabilitation of various human disorders has remained ecologically uncontaminated from its founding until the present. The commitment to preserving this resource has made it possible to develop the most technically advanced and most complete seawater extraction systems with regard to compliance with ecological and health regulations. Our medical staff is at your disposal for personalized advice so that you may get back into perfect physical shape with entirely natural treatments, which are also affiliated with the National Health Service.


Address Viale del Sole, 34073 Grado GO
Telephone 0431/899309
Fax 0431/899278

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