The first chocolate factory in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Cocambo was born from the innovative idea of Piero Zerbin, master pastry chef in Aquileia. It is inspired by the artisan pastry tradition of the territory: care in the research of the raw material, excellence in the choice of the origins of coffee and cocoa, scrupulous development of the best processing techniques to enhance the taste and quality of artisan products. But Cocambo is much more: it wants to inspire the way of conceiving coffee and chocolate, passing on the knowledge accumulated over millennia of coffee and cocoa history. It wants to open the mind to the imagination of the pastry's art, to make known the techniques to obtain excellence.

Cocambo also wants to transmit the game: to experience the joy of discovering master confectioners through practical courses. Offering children a unique experience: learning to work in the laboratory through real experiments.

Cocambo can also be a new way of living the experience of food: through the knowledge of the raw material, the learning of processing, the experimentation of tasting techniques, the ability to evaluate true excellence. All this has led Piero Zerbin to dedicate a complete work to the Cocambo World. A place where you can find the right spaces to taste the products he created, an environment that involves and makes you participate, a house dedicated to those who want to fully appreciate the pastry art and the culture of coffee and chocolate. The first artisan chocolate and coffee factory in Friuli Venezia Giulia; guided tours, tastings, show cooking and private parties are organised.


Address Viale Stazione 2/A, 33051, Aquileia
Telephone 346 4792028


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Air conditioner
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Gluten-Free menu
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Timetables All year round open, MON-FRI 9:00-14:00 - afternoons by appointment / SATUR-SUN 9:00-18:00
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