Il ponte Matteotti

Il ponte Matteotti

Formerly Ponte Littorio, a turning point in the town’s life.

In the past, Grado could only be reached by boat. Then, in 1936 a very long bridge was inaugurated, called Ponte Littorio (watch the video of the inauguration HERE), which connected Grado to the mainland towards Belvedere and Aquileia: a new tourism started.

Today the bridge is called Ponte Giacomo Matteotti and, along that swinging bridge, every traveller turns into an explorer for a few minutes. The bridge's extraordinary importance lies in the change it brought to the life of the town, providing a faster route for transport and trade with the hinterland and strengthening the economic, social and cultural life of the population.

The swing bridge is 2.80 m above sea level and, from Monday to Friday, there is a service operated by Nautica Malusà on behalf of FVG strade, which allows it to be opened. The service is provided exclusively by prior booking (+39 0431 80143 or; the opening of the bridge can be booked free of charge at 08.00 a.m. (Monday to Friday) or with a charge at other times. The cost of the service is € 54.17 and must be paid through the PAGO PA system by entering the requested opening date in the reason for payment. More information on the FVG Strade website


The bridge changed its name from Littorio to Matteotti on 2 October 1965 following the authorisation of the Prefect of Gorizia? And with the same authorisation, the replacement of the toponym Viale Vittorio Emanuele with Viale Europa Unita was authorised. On the other hand, authorisation was not granted to replace the toponym Zona degli Squeri with Largo Parenzo because, the document specified, the original name was an ancient one dating back to the city's most splendid period of history.


Address Via Testata Mosconi Grado
Telephone +39 0431 80143