Il ponte Matteotti

Il ponte Matteotti

Formerly Ponte Littorio, a turning point in the town’s life.

In the past you could only reach Grado by boat.

Finally, in 1936, the very long Ponte Littorio bridge was inaugurated which connected Grado to the mainland towards Belvedere-Aquileia: a new tourism world started.

Today it is called Ponte Giacomo Matteotti, and anyone driving along that swing bridge becomes an explorer for a few minutes. Here nature has accumulated a legacy which many people come to admire from far away: the whole area preserves a wild and absolutely unique appearance.

The extraordinary importance of the bridge is confirmed by the way it turned around life in this town, providing a more rapid connection for transport and trade with the mainland, as well as giving the economic, social and cultural life of its population a boost.

The reconstruction after the war leads us to the swinging 1960s, the years of the economic boom and flourishing business, arts and culture.

These were years of exciting prosperity and industriousness.


the name of the bridge was changed from Littorio to Matteotti on 2 October 1965, following an authorisation by the Prefetto of Gorizia?

The same licence also authorised the substitution of the street name Viale Vittorio Emanuele with Viale Europa Unita. On the contrary, the authorization to replace the street name Zona degli Squeri with Largo Parenzo was not granted, because – according to the paperwork – this was an ancient denomination dating back to the period of greatest splendour of this historical town.



Address Via Testata Mosconi Grado

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