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Pesce Azzurro Festival

Pesce Azzurro Festival

The pesce azzurro from Grado is the most flavourful in the Adriatic.

The lagoon is the main wealth that the culinary culture of Grado still draws from today; pesce azzurro (oily fish) is the star of the table.

In July, Grado and its guests hold a festival with pesce azzurro (generally, small oily fish, e.g.
sardines, mackerel, anchovies) and its thousand culinary variations in restaurants. According to
the connoisseurs, fish from this area of the Adriatic is the tastiest, because of the high salinity of the sea and the shallow waters of the Grado lagoon.

Anchovies, which here are called sarduni, sardines, here sardele, mackerel, sprat, horse mackerel, garfish, mullet, chub mackerel, bonito and even tuna provide variety in the local cuisine.

From the nutritional point of view sardele and sarduni are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have many health benefits, especially in regard to cardiovascular disorders.

Taste the goodness of pesce azzurro in the heart of Grado!


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