Ombrelloni Ospitalità


An opportunity to taste the delicious fish of Grado and enjoy the festive atmosphere of summer on the Lagoon.

The “Sardelada” is a fish tasting event eagerly awaited not only by locals but also by tourists. It is held on weekends in July and August by the Grado fishermen’s cooperative.


Sardines (called sardele in Grado), found throughout the Mediterranean, are essential ingredients of the Island of the Sun’s cuisine and are served in a variety of ways: preserved in salt and then in oil (the Isolane), or breaded and fried or in savor, or scotadeo (pan fried after being washed only in sea water).


From a nutritional perspective, sardele, which are included in the category of pesce azzurro (generally, small oily fish), are an excellent food: they are very rich in the omega-3 fatty acids, which have many health benefits, especially in regard to cardiovascular disorders.


Taste the goodness of pesce azzurro in the heart of Grado!



Address Grado, Riva Dandolo
Telephone 0431 80287

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