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Information for those arriving from abroad

Information for those arriving from abroad

Here some specific measures for those coming from abroad.

The Prime Ministerial Decree of 2 March 2021 provides for lists of countries - reclassified by the Ordinance of 2 April 2021 - for which different restrictions on entry to the national territory are in force; depending on the country you come from, check the Ministry of Health website for the measures in force.

Since 16 May, people who reside permanently in one of the EU countries, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland (countries in list C) can enter Italy and therefore Friuli Venezia Giulia without having to undergo quarantine. Under Italian law, travel to/from these countries is permitted without the need for a specific reason.

Restrictions apply in case of transit or stay in List D and/or List E countries during the 14 days prior to entry into Italy.

What must you do if you enter Italy from countries on list C:

present green certification showing that

  • Produce a Green Pass proving that the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19 or has obtained a negative molecular/antigenic test result or has recovered from COVID-19. As far as children are concerned, there is no pass obligation under 2 years of age. Between the ages of 6 and 12 a swab can be done, above 12 also a vaccine.
  • complete the digital Passenger Locator Form, which replaces the previous self-declaration; the form must be completed before entering Italy, following these directions:
    • go to: https://app.euplf.eu/#/
    • follow the guided procedure to access the dPLF
    • choose "Italy" as the country of destination
    • register on the site by creating a personal account with user and password (only the first time)
    • confirm the account by clicking on the link sent to the email address indicated (only the first time)
    • fill in and send the dPLF following the guided procedure.

Once the form has been sent, the passenger will receive at the email address indicated during registration the dPLF in pdf and QRcode format that he/she will have to show directly from his/her smartphone (in digital format) at boarding. Alternatively, the passenger can print a copy of the dPLF to show at boarding.

A form must be completed for each adult passenger; if minors are present, they may be registered on the accompanying adult form. In the case of unaccompanied minors, the dPLF must be completed by the guardian before departure.

In the event of failure to produce a green certificate proving a negative Covid-test, passengers are subject to the following preventive measures:

  • ten days of self-isolation at the address provided in the digital Passenger Locator Form
  • swab test at the end of the ten-day isolation period.


Validity of regulations

The regulations remain in force until 30 July 2021.

This page is constantly being updated. As the current situation is constantly evolving, there may be sudden regulatory changes. For specific and more detailed information, it is recommended to always consult the Ministero della Salute and Viaggiare Sicuri websites.





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