Bathing rules in Grado

Bathing rules in Grado

The bathing season runs from 1 May to 30 September each year. During the bathing season, bathing establishments are open to the public no later than 09.00 and closed no earlier than 19.00. During the period between 01.00 and 06.00, it is forbidden to use the equipment (deckchairs, sunbeds, parasols, etc.) on the beach.

The water mirrors in front of the Municipality of Grado's coastline are, during the bathing season, destined in priority to bathing, for a distance of 400 metres from the foreshore. On the beaches and in the water mirrors reserved to bathing activities IT IS FORBIDDEN:

  • To station boats except for those intended for: assistance, rescue and hire. Chartering can be carried out only on the areas under concession and according to the provisions of the bathing safety ordinance of the Head of the Grado Maritime District.
  • Haul out fishing boats and spread nets.
  • Throwing overboard or leaving rubbish of any kind in the cabins or on the beach.
  • To light fires or bonfires, except during particular events and after authorisation to be requested to the Municipality of Grado at least 15 days before the event.
  • To introduce and use gas cylinders or other inflammable substances without the prescribed authorisation.
  • To fish with any kind of equipment during the hours and in the areas designated for bathing, except for the derogations established by the Maritime Authority with its own ordinance.
  • Flying over the beaches and adjacent stretches of water with any type of aircraft or private device (including gliding, hang-gliding or towed parachutes), and for any purpose, at an altitude of less than 300 metres (1000 feet), with the exception of rescue and police vehicles.


On beaches, including free beaches, IT IS FORBIDDEN:

  • To occupy with beach umbrellas, chairs, deckchairs, stools, tarpaulins, etc., as well as nautical means, the strip of 5 metres from the foreshore, destined exclusively for free transit with the exclusion of emergency vehicles.
  • Camping, pitching tents, shacks, caravans, or sleeping in cabins and in the open. On beaches free to public use, beach users may only use umbrellas, deckchairs and other similar portable material that may not be left there after sunset, not later than 7.0 p.m.
  • Transit and/or stop with any type of vehicle, with the exception of those intended for beach cleaning and rescue. Vehicles intended for beach cleaning must be suitable for the type of service. After 9 a.m. it is forbidden to drive vehicles to remove beached material from the beaches.
  • It is forbidden to play any games in the areas occupied only by beach umbrellas, sunbeds or deckchairs (e.g. football, beach tennis, volleyball, basketball, bowls, etc.) if this could result in damage or harassment to people, disturbance of the public peace or damage to the hygiene of the area. These games may be played in the areas specifically equipped by the concessionaires.
  • The access of dogs and other animals to the foreshore in front of the paid bathing establishments is forbidden, as is, therefore, the leading, letting stay or bathing of animals of any kind, including those used by photographers or cameramen. Guide dogs for the blind and rescue dogs ordered for the rescue service are excluded from the prohibition, which must, in any case, always be accompanied by the handler in possession of a qualification document, except in duly authorised animal areas. More information HERE.
  • Keeping public address equipment loud, as well as making use of the aforementioned equipment during the hours from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Making any other type of disturbing noise.
  • Carrying out activities (e.g. fixed-form trade, advertising, promotional activities, etc.) or firework displays, without authorisation.
  • Carrying out advertising, both on the beaches and in the stretch of water reserved for bathers, by distributing brochures, posters and promotional items and launching them even by means of aircraft.


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