Grado and its ties with Venice

Grado and its ties with Venice

Attila razed Aquileia to the ground in 452 A.D.. With the destruction of this outpost, Grado became the far bastion of the Empire and a bishop’s see.

Grado is the daughter of Aquileia, but the mother of Venice. Ever more powerful, Venice – the Serenissima – imported the cult of St. Mark from Grado, and over time stripped it of several treasures and the privilege of calling its bishop a patriarch.

Today Grado is a quiet town, that lives off fishing and its importance as a tourist destination.

Grade’s role as a climatic station has an unusual origin; the Royal Imperial Decree of 1892 established a bathing spa facility on the Isola del Sole (Island of the Sun, also called the Isola d’Oro, or Golden Island), where the town is located. The Austro-Hungarian nobility was already very familiar with these places, which still have a special charm today, to which the patrician houses in the Theresian style bear witness.

Grado was once reached only by boat. This is why nature and the land are a virtually
uncontaminated heritage that many people come from far away to see and admire: the entire area has maintained a wild and absolutely original appearance. The island is now connected to the mainland by a very long bridge (Ponte Matteotti) to Aquileia; even so, its island charm and fascination has remained unchanged.