Cammino Celeste

Cammino Celeste

It is a Path, not greater (like those that led to Rome, Jerusalem and Santiago di Compostela), but not even lesser (ie that has as its goal a single Shrine in the region), it "joins" Grado (Barbana) and Aquileia, home of the ancient patriarchate, to Mount Lussari, which houses the Marian Shrine, touching many other churches, towns, and cities particularly relevant in the history of this region. The route covers a distance of 210 kilometres and can be divided into 11 stages.
The reconstruction of the ancient route makes use of historical sources, written documents, elements of the landscape, votive artistic constructions, but also the testimonies of the elderly.


Along this path, you cross Friuli from the sea to the Alps (the sanctuary of Mount Lussari is located at 1,766 m.a.s.l.), you skim over votive churches, you are guided by ancient altarpieces and you can recognize traces of historical reception centers run by monastic and chivalrous orders. It is an intuitive connection, reconstructed stage by stage, because the railway, the new roads, the bridges and the
The changes in the villages have erased, moved and diverted many sections of the ancient routes that pilgrims used to follow.

If the first distinctive sign of the Way is the patriarchal one, the second is the Marian one, for this reason it is called the Heavenly Way, because it unites places of ancient Marian devotion (Barbana, Castelmonte, Lussari); there are numerous altarpieces, shrines and images of Mary, which accompany the devotee along the way.

And while walking and proceeding, you can enjoy the presence of small artistic jewels little known, and thanks to the slowness of the pass you can observe the modification of the landscape: the lagoon, the plain, the rivers, the towns, the vineyards of Collio, the different valleys with their rivers, the mountains of the Prealps and those of the Julian Alps will meet us. Hearing will also recognize the transitions from one area to another, as there are many dialects and languages that will follow the pace. 

But the Heavenly Walk is not a closed route within this region, since two other routes leading to Lošinj have been activated from Austria and neighbouring Slovenia.


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