Ombrelloni Ospitalità


The Fortino has inspired several photographers and illustrators such as Galeazzi who has created a beautiful and colorful watercolored postcard.

Miramare (around 1880), Hotel Cerf d'or, Grignaschi, Hotel de la Ville, Alla Posta, Agli Amici, Hotel alla Città di Gorizia, Albergo Alla Luna, Grand Hotel Fonzari (we are in 1894) and then between 1900 and 1902 the Ville Bianchi. These were the first hotels in Grado. Then comes the Fortino Pension of the Viennese couple Auchentaller, a building designed by the architect Mayreder. Here, along the dam, near the Town Hall, today there is the condominium Fortino but once, stood the famous hotel that had been a sort of evolution and transformation of the fort built in 1812.

The Fortino Pension has been one of the symbols of the receptivity of the tourist Grado also because it had been decorated by its owner, Josef Maria Auchentaller, an exponent of the Viennese secession. Decorations that stood out and that all walking through the dam admired.


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