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White Asparagus

White Asparagus

The delicious star of many different dishes.

White asparagus is typical of Fossalon, a locality near Grado. Its sandy soils are an ideal place for the growth of the white shoots that are harvested from the end of April to the first days of June.


On April 25 the Fossalon Asparagus Festival is held, one of the most eagerly anticipated events regarding the regional cuisine, where white asparagus is the star of dishes such as risotto with asparagus, asparagus pie, and eggs and asparagus.


In the month of May, the Fossalon Asparagus Show is organized, during which the “Silver Sgorbia” (from the name of the tool traditionally used to harvest white asparagus) is assigned to the best white asparagus producer from Friuli. 


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