Winter canoa in the lagoon

Winter canoa in the lagoon

The Canadian canoe is the best way to enjoy the peace of the Marano lagoon, penetrating between canals and salt marshes to discover the peculiar Casoni, the typical fishermen's buildings "de palù".

After having quickly learned to govern the hull, slipping on the marshy waters, surrounded by a rich and always different vegetation, it will be possible to observe numerous species of birds that especially in this season populate the lagoon area, an obligatory stage of migratory flows.

In addition, we will stop at one of the Casoni di Marano, constructions in cane and wood once used by fishermen both as a deposit and as a place of shelter and rest between one fishing trip and another.

Recommended clothing: technical (like going to the mountains), in particular hat, tights and heavy socks.

Biagio Marin
Mare e terra si sono sposati in abbandono e levità. In ampi fondali, acque immote e distese; le contiene qualche argine giallo, che il falasco di palude qua e là ha rinverdito, qualche isolotto breve, che una macchia di tamerici rileva dal fondo, qualche velma che le alighe fanno scintillare di smeraldo; le nubi sostano, passando per rimirarsi. Pace e silenzio si dilatano con lo zufolo lieve del maestrale; un’allodola trilla chi sa dove.



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