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Remains of the Basilica della Corte

Remains of the Basilica della Corte

The old town has become even more fascinating after the discovery of Paleo-Christian remains.

The Paleo-Christian remains of the Basilica della Corte, dating back to the 4th century AD, were discovered in 1902, following restoration work in Piazza Biagio Marin, in the old town of Grado; it is currently possible to see section of paving made of mosaics geometric decorations, several sarcophaguses and the walls, which outlined the plan of the building.

The area has been made accessible via glazed walkways with steel pulley, which make it more visible and create a successful combination between ancient and modern.

Just a few metres from here, the paving of the square highlights the point where the  Baptistry of the Basilica used to stand, with a perimeter made of white stone which shows the octagonal plan and semi-circular apse of the Baptistry. The lighting at night makes the place truly fascinating.




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