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Sand baths

Sand baths

The extraordinary benefits of psammo therapy, the oldest thermal therapy in Grado, already a big favourite during the last century

Treatments using sea sand and its extraordinary benefits go back a long way at the Marine Thermal Baths in Grado.

Sand baths (or psammo therapy)are a thermal treatment, where they cover your body with hot sand and use sea water. It is particularly recommended in some joint pathologies and rheumatic disorders.

Sand baths began in Grado. From the very famous sand baths of our great-grandfathers to the sophisticated range of treatments offered today in the thermal baths, it has been a long path, which has served to create a unique experience, medically acknowledged and also appreciated by athletes. In fact, from the 60s onwards, the best Italian footballers have loved to combine a pure recreational holiday with treatments to take advantage of the sand baths. 


The sand’s beneficial salts

There is nothing like a sand bath in Grado, thanks to the very pure sand, rich in beneficial salts, and to the exceptional, unique position of the baths along the only completely south-facing, sandy shore on the northern Adriatic. As a result of its position, the beach in Grado gets the sun’s rays throughout the day.

Sand baths are recommended in the prevention of arthritic diseases, in treatments for post-traumatic pathologies (road accidents, sports traumas), for articular rheumatism in young people, and in certain stages of rheumatoid arthritis and extra-articular rheumatism.

Grado’s sand is famous the world over!


DID YOU KNOW THAT ... sand baths exploit the sun’s natural heat?

As this treatment exploits the sun’s natural heat, it can only be provided during the hottest summer months, usually from mid June to the end of August.  

The section dedicated to the sand baths also has a “relaxation corner”.


Opening hours

  • medical examination (from 9.00 to 11.00 a.m.) Monday to Saturday at the outpatient clinics at the Thermal Baths, whereas on Sundays and public holidays directly in the outpatients’ clinics of the Psamma Therapy Establishment
  • Sand bath section: from 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. (public holidays included)
  •  For information and reservations tel. 0431 899219 – 899309



Address Terme di Grado
Telephone 0431/899219
Email terme@gradoit.it

Useful informations

Timetables 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. every day

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