Ombrelloni Ospitalità
The Castrum

The Castrum

The charm of the historic centre recalls a hidden Venice.

Some places are able to make us affectionate about the magic they contain – like the castrum.

In the narrow streets and small squares of the town centre you can breathe the history of what many know as the mother of Venice, given that Grado was founded in the Roman era as an important port in Aquileia’s port system.

The historic centre is a picturesque maze of calli (streets) and campielli (squares), with traditional buildings dotted with stone walls, small windows, narrow stairways and distinctive chimneys. The urban fabric has remained unchanged over time, the typical face of an upper Adriatic seaside village.

Gravo vecio (the castrum is also known by this name) welcomes you with its enchanting atmosphere just outside the beach and invites you to lose yourself in its “tangle” of tiny streets, where you can discover romantic spots and enjoy the local specialties in one of the many uniquely charming restaurants or trattorias.



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