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Isola della Cona

Isola della Cona

The best area in Italy for birdwatching.

Isola della Cona together with the Caneo area, is part of the Natural Reserve called Foce dell’Isonzo; covering a surface of 2,400 hectares, the area is located along the last 15 km of the
river Isonzo and has been recognised as best area in Italy for birdwatching. Its symbol is the curlew.


A unique ecosystem worldwide, where it is possible to admire the lush flora (with 650 species found), and local fauna (with 323 poultry species listed in the Reserve). It provides the ideal habitat for dozens of wading birds, including herons, coots, mallards, teals, garganeys, drakes and seagulls.


The area is equipped for walking or bicycle tours and there is a possibility to take part in didactic workshops and guided tours; at Isola della Cona it is also possible to go riding on white Camargue horses.




For nature photography and birdwatching enthusiasts, it is well worth stopping at the Visitors’ Centre, at the heart of the Reserve, located near the mouth of the river Isonzo.

Isola della Cona can be visited the year round. The Museo della Papera and Ecopark are open also in winter, and the Visitors’ Centre organises many activities:
- guided tours
- a cycle ride through the Reserves or didactic week-ends for adults and children
- meetings with ornithologists for an in-depth discussion about the most interesting naturalistic topics.



The mouth of the river Isonzo is at Punta Sdobba, but direct access to the river is impossible because a large expanse of shallows has formed on its outlets; this is Isola dei Gabbiani and, together with many other birds, it hosts a numerous colony of mute swans.



Address Isola della Cona
Telephone +39 333 4056800
Email info@rogos.it
Website http://riservafoceisonzo.it/

Useful informations

Timetables 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. every day
Price 5 €
Necessary time Giro piccolo: 2h, giro lungo: 4h
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