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Val Cavanata

Val Cavanata

A 330-hectare Nature Reserve, a place almost completely uninhabited by man, where animals rule the roost.

The Val Cavanata Nature Reserve is a bird oasis lying in an area to the east of the Lagoon of Grado. Its symbol is the Greylag goose (Anser anser), which has bred here regularly since 1987.


The wide fishing valley includes brackish basins, tidal canals, the canal of Averto and some barene (unbroken salt marshes typical of the lagoons, regularly submerged by the tides) with very varied vegetation.

Declared a humid area of international value thanks to over 260 species of birds (216 of which aremigratory and 21 are raptors) that nest there, it is the ideal place for birdwatchers.



Mammals which you many encounter include roe deer, hares, polecats, beech martins, weasels, badgers, squirrels and hedgehogs.


Val Cavanata has visitor facilities: the Visitor Centre (on the road leading from Grado to Fossalon), the Educational Workshop of Casa Spina and several hides along the paths). The visitor centre hires out binoculars free of charge for birdwatching. Organised tours can be booked.

For information:
Mobile: 340 4005752 (during opening hours) or



Address Val cavanata
Telephone 340 4005752
Email info.educazionecavanata@gmail.com
Website https://vallecavanata.it/


Itinerari ciclabili ed a piedi da scoprire all'interno della riserva naturale.


“Del Bosco Averto” Bike Route

A 9-kilometre ride through the Nature Reserve.

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Percorso del Mare

Un percorso alla scoperta della vegetazione delle barene e delle specie di uccelli acquatici.

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Percorso della Valle

From the avifauna observatory to the suggestive views of the Primero canal.

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